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This Cookies Policy refers to the information collected from users or visitors (hereinafter, “you” or “your”) in our websites, applications and other services in which this Cookies Policy is published (each site web is called, individually or collectively, the “Website”) through cookies, shared local objects and other mechanisms.
Also check our privacy policy, which is part of this Cookies Policy. Our Privacy Policy also describes our use of cookies and other registration technologies, in addition to our policy regarding the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storage of information that is generally collected from users or visitors on our Website.


This Site uses its own and third-party cookies to improve the service provided in it, and to show you more relevant and personalized advertising by analyzing your browsing habits. By clicking on the cookies message that appears when you visit our website for the first time, you accept the use of similar cookies and technologies, according to your current cookie configuration, our Privacy Policy and this Cookies Policy.


1. Cookies

A “cookie” is a small data file that is placed in your web browser, computer or device, when you access or use a website, and that stores text that our web server or other third parties may read in the future. Cookies are used to recognize your browser and may allow us to identify you as the same person who visited our Website in the past, in addition to relating the use you make of our Website with other information about you, such as data on the use of the Website or personal data collected by other means. Cookies can be “session” (that is, they are stored only during a browser session) or “persistent” (that is, they continue in your browser until they expire or are permanently deleted).

2. Shared local objects (for example, flash cookies)

A shared local object is similar to a cookie, but it is stored on your computer or mobile device, instead of in the browser, through a media player or other software installed on your computer or device. A shared local object can store content that goes beyond the text. Like cookies, it is also used to recognize you as the same person who visited our Websites in the past and to relate your use of our Website with other information about you, such as data on the use of the Website or personal.

3. Web beacons and other tags

Web beacons (also called “transparent GIFs” or “pixel tags”) are usually very small, one pixel images, which are embedded in a page of a website or in electronic communications, such as in an email message. These technologies help to verify when a certain page (or area) of a Website has been viewed, when a message has been opened and when it has been clicked or links or other contents have been displayed.


We use these technologies for the following reasons:

1. Essential (strictly necessary)

We use these technologies in a way that is essential for us to provide to you a service or feature that you have requested. For example, we may use cookies to remember you when you return to the Website, and determine where to route your Web site traffic to effectively distribute the workload across numerous computers. We may also use them to remember the contents of your shopping cart.

2. Performance/Analytics

We use these technologies to monitor and analyze how you use our Website and emails. For example, we may place cookies that allow us (i) to measure the time of your requests to our servers and our responses, (ii) to test new features, (iii) to record statistics about site usage, (iv) to track your activities on our Website and emails, and (v) to track the places from which you come to our Website.

3. Social Media

Our Website contains integrations with social media platforms (including, for example, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest), which enable those platforms to place cookies, tags and local shared objects on your browser, computer or device. You may be able to adjust the settings in your accounts on third-party social media platforms to control some of the targeted content you may see on those sites.

4. Tracking Lead Conversions

We use these technologies to track when you have made a purchase after following a link to our Website from another online location, so that we can compensate the other party for sending us your business.

5. Advertising

We use these technologies for us and other companies to deliver targeted advertisements to you both on our Website and elsewhere online. By using these technologies we hope to better tailor these advertisements to your interests based on your online activities. Sometimes this is called online behavioral or interest-based advertising. As of the date hereof, we (or our service providers) use technologies from Google for such purposes.

We also maintain relationships with several social networks and technology companies, currently Facebook, Google and Pinterest, depending on the region. These companies have specific Interest-Based Ads programs that match people who have shown interest in DELUA SHOP through our Website or other services with their profiles on their platforms and properties. If we participate in these programs, we convert your personal information (via hashing, encryption or other similar mechanisms) into a unique, non-personally identifiable value that cannot be re-identified and which can then be matched by the partner company with a user on their platform. This matching allows us to deliver more relevant, interest-based ads to users of those other companies’ platforms. To opt out, see below.



You can manage cookies through your web browser’s settings. Through those settings you may be able to (i) receive notifications when you are receiving new cookies, (ii) disable cookies or (iii) delete cookies. Please refer to your web browser’s help section for information on how to do this. Note, however, that refusing cookies may, in some cases, inhibit or preclude your use of our Website or its features. While you are free to decline cookies, doing so may prevent you from taking full advantage of all features of our Website. Refusing cookies may also negatively impact the display or functionality of certain areas of a Website.

Local Shared Objects:

The methods for managing local shared objects are different than the methods for managing cookies and therefore the cookie management tools provided by your web browser may not enable you to remove Flash cookies or other local shared objects. Depending on how local shared objects are enabled on your computer or device, you may be able to manage them using software settings.

Collective opt-out pages:

Some (but not all) of the third-party services that we use for behavioral or interest-based advertising participate in industry bodies that allow you to opt out of their use of your collected information for these purposes. If you are a resident of the EU, click here in order to manage your opt-outs for those third party service providers who participate in such opt-out frameworks.

Browser Do-Not-Track Signals:

Some web browsers and devices permit you to broadcast a preference that you not be “tracked” online. At this time we do not modify your experience based on whether such a signal is broadcast, but to learn more about browser tracking signals and “Do Not Track”.

Web site Analytics opt-out:

To opt out of your usage of our Website being included in our Google analytics reports, you may follow these instructions (or by visiting

To opt-out of aggregation and analysis of data about your visits to our Website using Adobe, you may follow these instructions:

Advertising Opt-out:

Google, Privacy Policy:
Google, Opt Out of Interest based Ads:
For Facebook interest-based ads, click here
For Google interest-based ads, click here
For Pinterest interest-based ads, click here


Most of the cookies and other technologies described above on our Website are set by us (aka first party cookies) or are used in connection with our Website and set by third-party service providers at our direction and on our behalf (“Third Party Cookies”). We may use Third Party Cookies with respect to each of the uses set forth above.

You herewith agree that cookies, local shared objects and other mechanisms placed by our Website may transmit collected information to these third parties for the purposes set forth above, and those parties may report information back to us.